Pricing & Packages



Open to new clients only. 1 per client.
Includes All Mat, All Reformer & Circuit classes.
14 Day expiry from the first booked session.
6-hour cancellation policy is required.
No refunds or transfers to other packages​.

5:30am & 6:30am


8 Pack $175 
​16 Pack $300

Open to All clients
Package valid ONLY to 5:30am & 6:30am
8 Pack Valid 2 months
16 Pack Valid 3 months
Flexi 6 month Expiry Available add $50
6 hour cancellation policy is required
No refunds, or transfers to other packages

New to Pilates Packages

If you’re starting out on your Pilates journey with us, these packages are designed to get you confident with Pilates and save you money.

New to Pilates

Initial consultation
  • Introduction to mat & equipment
  • Private 1:1 session
  • Designed to familiarise you with the equipment used in classes
  • Builds Pilates confidence
  • Closely supervised
  • Technique reviewed to work safely, effectively and maximising the benefits of each exercise
  • No additional fees.

Casual Session

If you would like to book a single session we offer the below sessions. These can also be purchased in a pack of casual sessions for a discounted rate.


Memberships are available to all clients to utilise classes when you need them. Choose the membership that bests suits your Pilates routine.

Value Membership - debit

2x sessions per week
  • Access to all Mat, Circuit & all Reformer group classes
  • Maximum 2 bookings per week Monday to Saturday
  • Excludes privates, semi-privates and stretch & move
  • minimum term of 10 weekly instalments
  • membership runs indefinitely until cancelled via email
  • 2-week cancellation notice required
  • classes must be cancelled through our booking system with a minimum notice of 6 hours prior to class commencement to avoid penalties
  • late cancellations/no-shows can incur $15 fee and access may be restricted if frequently occurring
  • No refunds, transfers or extensions are offered for unused portions of your membership due to illness, injury, change of mind or any other reason.
  • We permit complimentary membership suspension as follows: Suspensions must not exceed 2 requests within a 6 month period. A $15 suspension fee is charged for each additional request. Suspension periods are for a minimum 7 days and maximum 3 months, except in circumstances of pregnancy, where a 1 year suspension is applicable. Notification via email to must be given 2 weeks prior to the date of suspension.
  • Our Direct Debit payment option offers you the easiest way to enjoy your passion for PILATES.

Private Sessions

If you would like to book a private session we offer 1:1 or partner up and make it a Duo session. These can also be purchased in a pack of private sessions for a discounted rate.

Additional Classes and bookings


Stretch and Move Sessions


Pilates for Teens



What Participants Are Saying

"My first initial phone consultation Vanessa showed interest in my goals and concerns. She is passionate in providing support and guidance in all the equipment used ensuring the moves are done correctly. She is full of energy. The group classes are great and can be tailored to your strength and ability. Everyone is welcoming, great studio atmosphere, small classes and Vanessa is a passionate friendly Pilates professional. Highly recommend."

Margaret Yazbek

VDS Participant

"Vanessa is all about the client, she always is one step ahead with tailoring each and everyone's needs ! she has an excellent ability to connect with her clients. She has helped me manage back pain and I've always walked out feeling better in the mind and body.
I would highly recommend Pilates by VDS to anyone."
Silvia Mammone

VDS Participant

"I have been attending Pilates by VDS for close to 5 years and in that time I have learned so much about my body and how to move it. There are classes available for all levels. Vanessa has so many years experience and she is great at modifying an exercise or making it more challenging to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Thank you to Vanessa and her expert team for keeping me strong and in shape and being amazing, attentive & talented instructors. I feel empowered each and every time."

Lucy Monforte

VDS Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?

Life wreaks havoc on our bodies. People grow more and more imbalanced in the course of daily living. We are right or left handed, we swing a golf club or tennis racquet on one side, and we carry our bags on one shoulder and our children on one hip.

Pilates is a corrective system of exercise providing a workout where you will gain strength in a balanced way, so that tight, tense areas are stretched and weak ones strengthened. You will feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Invented by German fitness expert Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. It is a full body workout that works on muscle strength, length and endurance. It focuses on alignment and strengthening the deep core muscles of the abdominals, hips, back, buttocks & legs.
Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without excess bulk, improves flexibility, posture and coordination. Although you will get stronger all over one of the main benefits of Pilates is an increase in core strength, abdominal and back muscles strength, that support your whole body whether moving or at rest.

​Pilates is a safe, sensible exercise system using a floor mat or equipment, that will help you look and feel your very best. No matter what your age or condition, it will work for you. In the past 15 years, Pilates has exploded into an international phenomenon and is now practiced by millions worldwide.

    What are the key principles of Pilates?

    Centering – Bringing the focus to the center of your body, activating core muscles and the powerhouse area between the lower ribs and pubic bone.
    Concentration – Attention to each exercise and learning how to engage in high-quality focus.
    Control – Performing a movement with control and fluidity.
    Breath – Joseph Pilates emphasized the importance of a full breath in his exercises. Coordinating the breath to help execute movement.
    Precision – Having self-awareness of your body’s tiny movements and knowing the alignment of one body part relative to other body parts and how your body is moving through space.
    Flow – Pilates exercise is done in a flowing manner. Fluidity, grace and ease are goals applied to all exercises.  

      What are the health benefits of Pilates?

      By understanding your body, you’ll build a deeper connection with the core muscles, making you resistant to injury and able to tackle life with strength. These exercise methods will transform the way you move, because we build you up from the inside out

      • improved flexibility
      • increased muscle strength & tone
      • increased “core” strength & awareness of the “Power House”
      • balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body
      • improved posture
      • improved stabilization of your spine
      • increased joint mobility
      • rehabilitation and prevention of injuries
      • relaxation of your shoulders, neck and upper back
      • lower stress levels
      • a flatter stomach and trimmer waist!
      • Injury prevention
      • Improved mental function
      What is your cancellation policy?

      Unless otherwise specified:

      We have a 6 hour cancellation policy. 

      • classes MUST be cancelled through our bookings system with a minimum notice of    6 hours prior to class commencement
      • This will allow the clients we have on our wait lists to come in, with enough notice, to be notified by email or text
      • Late cancellations and no-shows forfeit that class. 
      • no refunds, transfers, suspensions or extensions are offered for unused portions of your packs once expired.
      • Fees and class times may change at any time
      What are you T&Cs?
      • Bookings essential for all classes
      • All group sessions run for 50min
      • All privates run 60min
      • Please bring a small towel – compulsory 
      • Socks MUST be worn for all sessions – compulsory
      • Spare socks  and towels will be available to purchase
      • All packs purchased are non- transferable and non- refundable 
      • packs do expire.
      Can I upgrade my membership after signing up?

      Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. If you want to upgrade your current membership, call the studio with your details or send an email through with your upgrade request.

      Ph: 0404 656 013   |

      57 Minnamurra Circuit, Prestons NSW 2170